EMS Services

Springwater-Wayland EMS provides Emergency Medical Services to the towns of Springwater and Wayland. 20150202_184132

Historically, both towns were covered by ambulance services operated by the respective town fire departments. In 2013, both Springwater FD and Wayland FD got together and began working on a project to combine ambulances services into a new non-profit corporation with the goal of improving services without adding an appreciable cost to the taxpayers.

Springwater-Wayland Emergency Medical Services Corp was borne out of that project and was formed as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. We currently cover the Town of Wayland for EMS services and are in the process of applying for an expansion of territory to assume the Certificate of Need currently held by the Springwater Fire District.

The total coverage area that SWEMS will service is comprised of the entire town of Wayland and the entire town of Springwater, which is approximately 89 square miles. We provide 24×7 coverage using 2 front line ambulances staffed with volunteer Emergency Medical Technicians and drivers. Our goal is to eventually maintain 3 ambulances in service, allowing us to rotate one ambulance out for maintenance as needed. Whenever an ambulance is dispatched to a call, it will be staffed by at least one EMT, as required by NYS regulations. Our ambulances are equipped with all of the required equipment for a Basic Life Support service, including the latest in Semi-automatic Defibrillators.


SWEMS is dispatched by Steuben County 911. All apparatus will have radio equipment to communicate with both the county dispatch center as well as other EMS and Fire units on a scene.

Members are issued a Voice pager to receive toned out calls. In addition, SWEMS utilizes I Am Responding software and will have a display in the base that is constantly updated. This software is directly tied into the Steuben County Dispatch center and all members can use their cell phone to notify dispatch and members at the base if they are responding as well as if they have a delayed response. This software will improve our ability to ensure coverage of all calls.


SWEMS provides EMS coverage for community events, just as the various fire departments has done in the past. SWEMS expects to provide continuous EMS coverage for the Wayland Potato Festival, the Springwater Gala, and plans on providing EMS coverage for the Wayland Jr Eagles football games.

If you are interested in having SWEMS provide EMS coverage for your event in our district, please contact us.

Public Training

At the outset, we have CPR instructors who can teach basic or professional rescuer CPR. For more information on scheduling a CPS class, please contact us.

We are envisioning having other medical classes held for the public. At this time, our training officer is exploring options and will review them with the Board of Directors.

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