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Springwater-Wayland EMS provides Emergency Medical Services to the town of Wayland. Historically, both towns were covered by ambulance services operated by the respective town fire departments. In 2013, both Springwater FD and Wayland FD got together and began working on a project to combine ambulances services into a new non-profit corporation with the goal of improving services without adding an appreciable cost to the taxpayers. Springwater-Wayland Emergency Medical Services Corp was borne out of that project and was formed as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and began providing EMS coverage to the Town of Wayland in 2015.  


Springwater-Wayland EMS is an all volunteer ambulance service. Our members come from a wide range of experiences and are dedicated to providing the best EMS service possible for our community. Our initial membership comes from Wayland Fire Department, Springwater Fire Department, and Perkinsville Fire Department, however membership into SWEMS is open to anybody 18 years or older who does not have a felony record. Members will receive training for either being an EMT or being a driver. All members must maintain CPR certifications. SWEMS will sponsor any member for Emergency Medical Technician training. All members who wish to drive will receive extensive classroom and hands-on driver training.

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Please donate now we are a 501-C-3 non-profit organization.  We currently serve the Town of Wayland for Emergency Medical Services with a 100% Volunteer Staff.  As with most non-profit organizations your donation is tax deductible.  We are currently looking to purchase a new building and replace equipment. Click below to donate now.

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