How to Join

Any person 18 years of age or older, who has no felony convictions within the past 5 years may apply for membership to Springwater-Wayland EMS. All applicants are screened for criminal history and all drivers have their driving record reviewed on a regular basis. SWEMS is comprised entirely of volunteer members.  If you are interested in joining, please use this application, SWEMS Application or use the contact us form on main page.

Benefits of Membership

All members receive regular training opportunities. If any member is interested in becoming an Emergency Medical Technician, SWEMS will sponsor that member for an EMT class. EMT classes are run regularly throughout the year. Any member interested in driving will receive both classroom and practical driver training. All members must maintain a CPR card.

Aside from formal EMT and Driver training, we provide monthly drills and send out active members to statewide conferences. Our experienced members are also willing to review EMS knowledge and skills with anybody who asks.

All members are allowed to “hang out” at the base whether on a call or not. Our plan is to provide for a comfortable base location with couches, TV, and Internet access so that the on-duty crew can be comfortable while waiting for calls.

Members will also receive uniform jackets, shirts, etc as the budget allows for it.

Requirements of Membership

We do not have strict credit requirements, but we do expect all members to attend a majority of meetings and drills along with putting themselves on the schedule when they are able.

Members are expected to carry a voice pager while “off duty” and respond to calls for extra manpower or for a second or third ambulance. Members who are on the schedule are expected to stay within the coverage area while scheduled.

All drivers and EMTs are expected to maintain their certifications and we will assist all members with maintaining CPR certification.