Junior EMS Officers

Junior EMS Chief Lauren Ruch

Lauren Ruch is a 9th grader at the Wayland Cohocton High School. She was raised a military brat and moved from place to place, state to state until the age of 7. Lauren plays Junior Varsity Volleyball for her school. She joined Junior EMS to be able to help people and a as a way to give back to her community. Currently Lauren holds the rank of Chief of the Springwater Wayland Junior Emergency Medical Services and is CPR/First Aid certified at the Basic Life Support Level. She is eager to learn more and always willing to fine tune these life saving skills.


Junior EMS Captain Rose Sabins


Junior EMS Lieutenant Jazmyne McCormick


Junior EMS Secretary/Membership Liaison Nadia O’Neal

Nadia O’Neal is a 14 year old student at Wayland Cohocton High School.  Her favorite thing about middle school was hanging 13th period with the cool teachers and hanging out with friends. Nadia’s favorite subject in middle school was science. Now that she is in high school her favorite past time will be sports and spending time with friends.

Nadia enjoys spending time with friends, family and her three dogs Baxter Commet and Maybell. Maybell is. the oldest, then Commet, and finally Baxter is a puppy. These dogs are the light of her life. She works to buy dogs toys and extra bones for them.

Nadia works and actually gets a paycheck working for her parents one or two days a week. They own the bait and redemption center here in Wayland. Its a dirty job. Sometimes she hates it, other times she like to spend quality time with grandma. She usually works with her grandma which sometimes, we get to laughing so hard grandma makes it fun. Nadia also volunteers for the Hornell Humane Society where she  helps clean cages, dog dishes there e.c.t. as well as plays with the animals.

Nadia joined Junior EMS to be able to learn ways to help people in need and cannot wait to learn more and be a better citizen.  She currently holds the position of Springwater Wayland Junior Emergency Medical Services, Secretary.  Nadia is also the Liaison between the active membership and the Juniors.