SWEMS begins EMS services

Springwater Wayland EMS received the Certificate of Need on April 9th, 2015. As of this date, SWEMS has assumed responsibility for Emergency Medical Care responses for the Town of Wayland. A4

Both ambulances have been re-lettered from Wayland Fire Dept to Springwater Wayland Ambulance and we are working with Steuben County 911 center and Emergency Services Coordinator to migrate to a new set of tones for our new organization. Many of the volunteer EMS providers from the Wayland Fire Department are now members of SWEMS, so you can expect the same level of care and commitment that you are used to receiving. In addition, we have several new members that are coming on board, many who have been providing Fire services to our communities from either Perkinsville FD or Springwater FD.

With the assignment of the Certificate of Need, SWEMS has also applied for the expansion of territory to cover the Town of Springwater. Because the Springwater FD had a municipal CON, we were not allowed to merge them into our service with the initial CON due to state law restrictions. The expansion of territory is expected to take around 120 days to complete.

A-14Another change that you will notice is that SWEMS will be billing for ambulance service. SWEMS is an independent not for profit agency with a 100% volunteer staff. Even so, it takes a lot of money to provide ambulance services…and that cost goes up every year. We receive minimal taxpayer support and have no current plans to request financial support from property taxes. We are working with Professional Ambulance billing out of the Buffalo area to handle our billing services and ensure that all applicable laws and requirements are being properly followed.