SWEMS receives training equipment grant

Springwater Wayland EMS is happy to announce that, through a generous grant of $3,000 from the Polisseni Foundation, we have purchased 2 sets of CPR mannequins, a Stop the Bleed Training Kit, and a 55″ display to be used in the training room at our new base.

The CPR mannequins replaced 12 year old models and meet the new AHA guidelines for responsive training, which alert to proper rate and depth electronically. They will be used by our 5 CPR instructors to train our members, members of neighboring departments, and the general public.

The Stop The Bleed training kit will be used by our 4 Stop the Bleed instructors to provide quality training to the public on how to control major bleeding. The Stop The Bleed campaign was developed in response to active shooter situations so that the general public can be trained to prevent people from bleeding out while waiting for help to arrive. We will also make our Stop the Bleed training kit available to neighboring departments who also have instructors, including Cohocton Valley Ambulance.

If you are interested in taking a CPR or Stop The Bleed class, please contact SWEMS on our contact page above.