Weather Station Installed

We received a donation of an Acurite Atlas Weather Station. This unit has wind speed, direction, barometric pressure, rain gauge, humidity, Light Intensity and UV Index. It also has a Lightning detector that goes out about 25 miles.

We have added this station to Weather Underground’s site and any member of the public can view local weather data at:

“Having hyper-local weather data from this station will allow our crews and first responders from our neighboring agencies to better prepare for inclement weather and be ready for weather changes that often affect major incidents” stated Chief Frederick Grambs. Chief Grambs is familiar with weather forecasting and devices as he has a B.Sc. in Meteorology from SUNY Maritime College.

Weather information from major news outlets for our region is based on data from the Dansville Airport. Dansville has an altitude of 705 feet while the village of Wayland has an altitude of 1374 feet. That 669 foot difference doesn’t just affect temperature, it also has a major impact on wind speed and direction.

This will allow our volunteers to better prepare for environmental emergencies. Another example of how this may our neighboring agencies is on a brush fire call – responders will be able to look at the wind direction here and use that information to determine the direction of spread.

This station was mounted to a capped chimney (no longer in use) and is 8 feet above the roofline. The recommendation is to be at least 5 feet above the roof to ensure accurate readings. We chose this location to have the minimum impact of surrounding objects on readings. We would like to thank members Raymond Sellers and Paul Holubek for installing the station.

We would also like to thank Acurite for this donation. you can get more information on weather stations at