SWEMS adds new skills

On Monday, September 28, volunteer EMTs from SWEMS completed training on several new skills to improve patient care in our community. The skills training included:

  • Albuterol administration – Used in cases of severe asthma
  • Blood Glucose monitoring – The ability to check sugar levels in altered mental status calls
  • Epinephine Check and Inject – Replaces our current Epipens, allowing our agency to care for severe anaphylaxis (allergic reaction causing respiratory distress)
  • Narcan administration – Used to save lives in severe opioid overdoses

These skills allow our volunteer EMTs to provide life saving interventions earlier without having to wait for Advanced Life Support. SWEMS received approval for these skills from the Regional Council and Department of Health several months ago, but this training was delayed due to COVID restrictions. Our members are glad that the instructors from EMSTAR were able to schedule this training while our volunteers maintained social distancing and face masks to minimize risk.

The cost of the equipment for all of these skills are offset by utilizing the Epinephrine Check and Inject program in place of Epipens. That one change saves over $500 per year and more than covers the cost of the other 3 skills.